— Raven Nest —

Very well said. This is exactly what I feel about this shocking announcement. I was watching his stream when he tweeted it. And I cried 5 hours.

As an oversea fan, I knew his name from the beginning of Overwatch. NRG competed in APAC 2016 and I got to see how good he was against some of the best Chinese teams back then. At that point, all I wish is to see this talented bird succeed. I can see how good he is but he just couldn't get the trophy again and again.

Then I stopped to follow competitive OW for some time, only to be excited again when he was announced to join Envyus. At that time I just came to the States for further education so I has been able to watch his matches without the pain from time zone. And I got to watch his twitch stream! I knew he was still good and no matter what other people said, I believe in him. And he dominated in Contenders S0.

So Dallas has been my favorite since the beginning. I was so devoted to it and it's almost a life-time experience. I watched most of the matches. And top Overwatch experience is sooooo good. After seeing the best players playing in a unit, there's no point watching streamers struggling on ladder, except for the players I love. Now that the Season is over, I can say I'm proud to witness the success of OWL and proud to be a Dallas fan. What a ride it was! At one point I almost want to throw away my Fuel hat but it was a miracle in Stage 4. It's so unbelievable that I think Hulk has to be there blessing them. The team was on the edge of breaking. My favorite players were on the edge of perma-benched or mis-placed. And they fucking destroyed in the last Stage. They were on the edge of being knocked out in stage playoff and also on the edge of beating NYXL to win the whole thing (yes I believe they can take down Valiant again). It's almost like scripted. No one can be not moved by them. And I went from supporting the team because of one person, to genuinely love everyone on the team. They are all legends. They showed us that legends never die.

I was so looking forward to see them going for the championship in Season 2. I was excited to see them stream to see how good they are enjoying life and picking up new heroes. And this news really shook me to the ground. I can totally understand that this day will come in the future, but not now. Everything is looking so great. And correct me if I am wrong, I think for Seagull, although he's been in pro scene for 3 years but OWL Stage 4 is the true starting point for him, because he finally got a reliable coaching team and the synergy he needs with the teammates. He will be so good in the future because OW is entering an era about true flexs. This game has so much potential and the meta is helping as well. Imagine how good it will be with proper coaching and creative players. Veterans will be more valuable because they have more experience about reading the game. And Seagull's in-game knowledge is the best I've ever seen. He also doesn't need to worry about letting his fans down because he isn't. I am so proud to see him on stage as long as he really has time on stage and I don't mind subbing to him without regular streaming. As you said, his presence in the starting lineup is too short. I might not be happy if he disappeared both on stream and on stage. But if the latter part happens, I'm more than willing to see.

With all that being said, it's his choice and I will respect that. But I really want him to know that he has been doing greater and greater in pro scene. I don't want him to joke about being "washed up" like he did on last stream. He's one of the best. Whether or not he chose to letting go those pro skills and mindsets, I wish he will not regret that. Taking a long break, having time with families and getting a healthier body is not a bad choice. Using this time to find what his heart truly desires (says some random college girl LUL) is the best.